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5 Easy Ways to Accept Online Payments for Your Business

 5 Easy Ways to Accept Online Payments for Your Business


Most of the small business owners rely on cash payment and when this payment gets late, they suffer for their daily business operations and leads to several other business difficulties. One of the most negative effects for small businesses is late payments from customers. In this scenario, online payment services are boon to them as they can get instant payments. There is good news that you can take the help of digital payment and allow your clients to pay more effectively.

Online payments can be accepted by business owners through various ways and 5 most effective ways are outlined here that can relieve the stress of payment process from small business owners.

 Online Payment Methods:

  • Accept Debit and Credit Cards

Enable your customers to pay through credit card from your online website/page. For this purpose, you have to look for the dedicated merchant account or intermediary holding account. Choose one method according to your nature of business and suitability.


  • Accept eChecks

An electronic check is another popular method and gets debited directly through the bank account. It allows your customers to provide the necessary information from their paper check like name, amount, routing, account number and authorization in an online or software form. The payment is done electronically from the given bank account.


  • Third-party payment gateway integration 

A payment gateway is another efficient online payment service. Similar to banks, the payment gateways provide the payment processing solutions through multiple methods like net banking, debit cards, credit cards, UPI etc. If you do not want to get into the formal proceedings of third-party payment gateway integration, you can also use easy to use mobile applications for payment processing.


For example, JC Pay provides Aadhar payment system with an enhanced feature of the fingerprint security system, UPI services, domestic money transfer, balance inquiry as a one-stop solution to all your banking and payment needs. In addition, it also provides value-added services like mobile recharges, hotel and flight bookings and many more. JC Pay is a payment app for small businesses and allows them to be relieved from all kind of payment processing hassles. In this way, online merchants can accept the payments in an agile manner through practically fast and secure digital payment method.


  • Bank payment gateway integration


The payment gateway is directly provided by the bank so that merchants can accept online payments and avail the services of online payment. This integration allows online businesses to process via net banking, debit cards, credit cards etc. While this system looks straight and easy but sometimes, it gets difficult to integrate with bank payment gateway because of lengthy paperwork, long time for approval and processing issues, a complicated flow of users etc.


  • Mobile Payments

Mobile payments are becoming very popular these days as the merchant only needs to key in the credit card number on a mobile device and once the payment is confirmed, the receipt is sent through email on an immediate basis. However, mobile payment can be less secure and for business owners and less preferable for business purposes.



Processing online payments are one of the most important tasks for small business owners and it is a critical step to get success. In addition to the benefits of merchants, payment solutions have to be customer friendly and should be secure and efficient for end-customers. To ensure this, JC Pay provides the entire banking services and solutions in the most secure manner so that the online digital payments are processed efficiently and effortlessly.


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