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5 Easy Ways to Verify Your Income Tax Return Online

5 Easy Ways to Verify Your Income Tax Return Online

The date of tax filing is not too far and many of us have already filed income tax return. However, only filing the ITR does not complete the whole process of taxation, you also have to get your tax returns verified and in fact, it is mandatory to verify the income tax return after the submission process. The processing starts only after the verification by taxpayer. So, talking about the deadlines, you have 120 days for verification after the filing of ITR. There are various ways to verify the income tax return file. Let us understand some best ways to verify ITR online.

How to verify ITR online?

A few years back, most of us used to file income tax return manually and the verification was also done in the same manner. ITR verification was also signed by the Centralized Processing Centre of the respective place. The primary ways of verifying the income tax return are bank ATM, Demat account, Bank Account, Netbanking, Aadhaar One-time password.  

Here are the details about the primary and easiest form of income tax return verification. 

  • Aadhaar OTP

It is the simplest form of verifying the income tax return as you just have to log into the e-filing portal. It is important to get your Aadhar linked to the portal. Click on “Generate Aadhaar OTP to e-Verify my return” and after the authentication and linkage of Aadhaar number, One-time password will be received on your registered mobile number and email address. This password will be valid for 10 minutes and after the submission of OTP, e-verification will be completed and acknowledgment can be downloaded from registered email address. 

  • Bank ATM

Bank ATM can also be used for verifying the ITR through electronic verification code. If you do not have net banking of your bank account, you can authorize income tax return with EVC (Electronic verification code). You have to access your ATM card, select the option of e-filing PIN and then after, you will receive EVC on your registered mobile number, which can be used for income tax verification.

  • Bank Account

EVC (Electronic verification code) can also be generated with the help of the bank as well. For this method, you have to log into the e-filing portal and profile settings need to be done to register with IT department. Then, pre-validate your bank account to generate EVC and for this purpose, your name in PAN records should match with the bank account records. Select “Generate EVC” under the tab of “My Account” and you will receive your EVC on your registered mobile number.

  • Net Banking

If you have access to internet banking, you can simply log into your net banking and find the link of e-filing under the tab of taxation. It will redirect you to the income tax department section. Under the e-filing portal, select the option of “My Account” and click the “Generate EVC” option to get the EVC through mobile SMS. The received code will be valid for 72 hours.

  • Demat Account

If you have a demat account, you can verify your ITR using the same. The process of verification is similar to the process of obtaining ECV through the bank account. Before you verify your ITR, you are to pre-validate your demat account. You are to go to the profile setting and give the required data such as registered mobile number, email ID and the depository name, i.e., NSDL or CDSL. It generally takes one to two days to validate the demat account. Once the demat account is validated, you can use the same to generate EVC.  To generate EVC through demat account, you are to log into your e-filing account. Here you are to select ‘Profile Setting‘ section and choose “EVC using DEMAT account” as verification mode. You will receive the ECV in the mobile number registered with the demat account.



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