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7 Must-Have Government Mobile Apps You Should Use

7 Must-Have Government Mobile Apps You Should Use


India is moving ahead by adopting evolving digital trends. It is essential to walk with current digital changes if you want to get success in your business sector. For making our country digital, you must make every citizen aware of all the latest digital and technological aspects. Mobile apps are booming in every sector and this is the reason every industry is adopting different mobile app development trends to escalate their business across India. Indian Government is really making huge efforts in improving the structure of our country. The Government of India has taken an initiative of making digital India and is launching mobile apps for the welfare of every citizen.


Here is the list of apps launched by Government of India -


1.     Indian Police on Call App

The app helps citizens to locate the most nearby police station based on their current location. The application contains all the information like the route and distance for reaching the nearest police station immediately. The app also displays the number of control rooms and SP office of the district. You can make a call using the app whenever required.


2.  BHIM (Bharat Interface For Money)

BHIM is a mobile application which has been launched for making our country cash free. The app is developed by the National Payment Corporation of India with the aim of facilitating e-payment directly in the bank accounts. This app is developed for transferring money directly between diverse back accounts.


3.     mParivahan app

There are so many government mobile apps among which mParivahan is also launched by our government. The app provides a huge facility to all the users for making a digital copy of their driving license. Also, users can make a four-wheeler and two-wheeler registration certificate. The app helps users by providing the verification facility for their existing cars as well as second-hand cars. People who are looking to buy a second-hand car can verify all the information.


4.     Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan

This is one of the best government mobile apps whose purpose lies in making our country garbage free. In this app, you can post a picture of the area having a lot of garbage and the app will forward the request to the nearby municipality office. In this way, you can keep your surroundings clean and garbage free.


5.     GST Rate Finder

This mobile app is highly useful for all entrepreneurs and business owners. The app provides information about the latest and valid GST rates that come under the GST rule. The app is developed by the Central Board of Excise and Customs so that business owners can trust the app and should avoid the hiring of a chartered accountant for maintaining their all kinds of taxes.


6.     UMANG (Unified Mobile App for New–Age Governance)

This app is developed by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology for promoting the Digital India Initiative. The app contains more than 100 services like filing income tax, booking a gas cylinder, payment of utility bills, checking provident fund account and more such.


7.     mPassport Seva

mPassport Seva mobile application is developed by the Ministry of External Affairs. People who want to get a passport can download this app as this app offers a wide range of services which are related to the passport. The app is very simple in use and is listed under the largest project of the Indian Government that is National E-Governance Plan.


The Government of India is taking strong steps in the digital world to make our country grow higher. It is our responsibility to make use of such digital apps and become fully digital. JC Pay has also launched a mobile-based money transfer platform having a high-security feature of user’s fingerprint. JC Pay is the one-stop solution for a wide range of services including Domestic Money Transfer, Aadhar Enabled Payment Services, M-POS, Utility Bills, UPI, and Value-Added Services. 


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