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How BBPS resolve all your payment problems

How BBPS resolve all your payment problems


Are you sick of remembering bill payment dates and going to places for paying all these bills?


Well, there are many e-wallets but can you trust them all? The most trusted and renowned retail payments and settlement organization in India have launched BBPS (Bharat Bill Payment System) to provide one-stop payment platform for all kind of bills. With this platform, you can make your bill payments easy and convenient anytime and anywhere.


BBPS have taken care of reliability, safety and certainty of your payment transactions as it’s system is conceptualized by Reserve Bank of India (RBI). It provides a variety of modes of payment and provides payment confirmation/receipt via SMS. Moreover, it has a myriad collection of bill categories like electricity, telecom, DTH, gas, water bills etc. through a single window. There are different payment channels for BBPS transactions like the Internet, Mobile, POS (Point of Sale terminal), Mobile Wallets, Kiosk, ATM, Bank Branch, Agents and Business Correspondents. It is also planning to launch further financial and insurance services for more convenience of customers.


If you are also looking for BBPS services, JC Pay provides state-of-the-art services for BBPS enabled payment system.


It is an easy to use app offers the entire range of banking services. Along with BBPS, JC Pay provides a wide range of services including Domestic Money Transfer, Aadhar Enabled Payment Services, M-POS, Utility Bills, UPI, and Value-Added Services. With JC Pay, you will get the best medium to transfer your money in a highly secured environment. We aim to be the most trustworthy physical as well as online facility across India.


We ensure complete reliability and security of services but still if you face any concern regarding payment services, an effective mechanism has been put in place to handle customer complaints and provide them utmost support.


Why you should avail BBPS Services?


Better convenience – You might be facing various interface issues if you pay your bills online directly at the first part website. And there are high chances of user experiences and payment failures. The dispute resolution with all of these websites is very time consuming and makes it very difficult for the user to liaise their payment/refund amount.


·    - Bill processing – The processing of bills is quite faster as compared to other portals of bill payment as it processes directly with the channel partner. Also, the multiple payment methods provide flexibility to users for making payments.


·    - Low on time and cost – Earlier, utility billers have faced various challenges in collecting the bill payments and added to their expenses of collection and also, imposed heavy penalties on users.BBPS enables the users to directly pay their bills online, get receipts and avail the services without major time and cost consumption.





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