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Mini-ATMs are the new age banking solution

Mini-ATMs are the new age banking solution

India is witnessing a great revolution in the financial and technological advancements due to supportive government schemes and customers. Many government schemes have initiated to open saving bank accounts of customers, loan availability, the providence of insurance services, pension for low-income groups etc. All these initiatives have led to various benefits for customers but the last-mile solution for cash disbursal still remains a challenge even now for many people. There is a lack of ATMs for a wide range of geographical areas.


India has among the lowest number of ATMs for the population. A survey has revealed that India has very few numbers of ATMs for a million of the population. Even this scenario has been improving from 2012 to 2018 but still, ATM market is underpenetrated. This scenario gives rise to digital payments and digital economy as a whole.


A comparison of ATMs per million people


With less number of ATMs and bigger challenge of cash withdrawal, this concern has to be resolved for better convenience of customers.


  • The US has about 1,500 ATMs per million people
  • China has about 350 ATMs per million
  • India has only 120 ATMs per million people


Moreover, the cost of operating and maintaining a conventional ATM is very high as it includes 24*7 availability of security and power. Considering this situation, ATM is not considered as a viable option for the cash facilities, especially in semi-urban and rural areas.


JC Pay has come up with the new age banking solution - Aadhar enabled Mini-ATMs


With continuous efforts to bridge the gap between banking services and Indian population, JC Pay has launched the services of AEPS (Aadhar Enabled Payment System) and offering its convenient services through our widespread agent network. These services bring rural people and low-income groups to be on par with urban people. The users can directly visit JC Pay agent near to their place to avail services like deposit and withdrawal of cash, balance inquiry, pan card services, bus, train and flight booking etc.


With mini-ATMs, cash withdrawal and many other value-added services have become very easy, convenient and most importantly, they are highly secure due to the finger-based payment system. Join our community of JC Pay agents by visiting




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