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Online Payments: 10 Steps To Keep Your Money Safe

Online Payments: 10 Steps To Keep Your Money Safe

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Online payment is the new hype in the market and every single person is getting used to it. With the boom of digital trends, people are looking for more secure online payment options. It is important to keep your personal and sensitive banking information safe while doing online transactions. That’s why it is important to keep your money safe while doing online payments. Online shopping and banking transactions are increasing as people are getting habitual towards these transactions. If you are doing online payments on a regular or frequent manner, then you need to follow some steps that will keep your money safe and secure.

Always make use of high-security passwords. For acquiring top online safety and securityyour password should be very strong that no one can guess or hack it. There are so many things that one must keep in their mind before you decide a password. Following such a hierarchy while setting your password, you will be able to keep your bank details protected from any third-party or unknown party.

1. Your password must contain upper case and lower case letters, different symbols, and numbers.

2. Never user same username and password for your every online account.

3. Keep changing your password i.e. at least once in three months.

4. Never ever share your personal username and password or any such sensitive information with anyone.

5. Never click on any suspicious element present on the online platform.

Online shopping has become an addiction that every second person is developing day by day. You should follow some important things while doing online shopping from any of the e-commerce websites which are present on the online platforms. 

6. Never forget to log out of the bank, credit card, merchant sites when you are done with the whole transaction process.

7. Never allow your computer to store your username or password for the banking websites or merchant.

8. While setting up different security questions for different online websites, make use of false information which is not related to any of your personal information and remember all the stored answers.

Never use any of the personal information on any of your social account. There is a certain risk that anyone can hack your account by seeing the personal information. Showing all such information can be risky as well as risk towards your online account. 

9. Never mention your birth date or anything which is related to any of your family member. Even you should not mention the birthdates of your spouse, children or any other close person.

10. Any information that you are mentioning on the online platform has full chances of being hacked or stole, this is the reason to keep all this information secret.


If you also want to make secure online payments, then you must keep all these things in your mind. With JC Pay, you will get the most secure way to pay online using a fingerprint scanner. With this safe and secure approach, you will be able to perform the whole online transaction process in a seamless manner.


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