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Why and How to digitize your business?

Why and How to digitize your business?


As a business enthusiast, you always aim to improve the existing business processes and come up with many new opportunities. Digitization can help in turning your company a better performing organization. However, digitalization of business is not a magic and you won’t be seeing the expected benefits but you will definitely start on accelerating your gains through digitization. Also, be assured of saving a lot of time for development of new products and services, making better decisions, spreading the reach of your business in new market and also, better growth and expansion.


Basically, development of digital strategy in business leads to enhanced leveraging of technology for better performance. Let us understands few facts that highlights the benefits of digitization and its offerings in business.




  • 96% of the businesses in different sectors believe that digitization is very critical for overall business performance
  • 88% of businesses admit that they are working in the digital transformations
  • 85% of the companies feel that they will execute digitization plan within next two years, failing which can lead to financial losses in business
  • 87% of the businesses agree that the digitization process enables to remain competitive and open new opportunities
  • 71% of businesses says that they are hiring people for developing digital business strategy
  • 25% of businesses give credit to digitization for speeding up their product development cycles
  • 32% of the business reported incremented operational efficiency in business as a result of digital strategy
  • 28% of the businesses agree that the digitization helped them to gain new customers
  • 25% of the organizations feel that the digital strategy has led to better customer experiences
  • 31% of the businesses agree that they have invested 15% of their revenues in digitization and technologies


Why Should You Digitize Your Business?


The above facts and figures must have impressed you and boosted for the digitization of your business. It is the high time to realize that digitization of business is a major requirement for growth and sustainability of business in present era. With demonetization and dramatic increase in online transactions, online payments and bookings are moving towards digital payments. But at the same time, you must be concerned about security of money and worry for the payment frauds.


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